Monday, January 04, 2010


Dennis Miller returns to his basement radio studio today in Top Form. Last decade, Dennis ran out of patience with The Annointed One with his decision to bring the Gitmo Five to trial in New York City. So he has spent his holidays honing his verbal poignards, and let fly with the first out of the quiver:

-- No more mister nice guy: in 2010 Dennis intends to "Speak truth to Cower"
-- Dennis got some terrific Christmas presents: "My wife bought me a great video about the Hindenberg -- it's called "The System Worked".
-- We seem to have reached such a surfeit of narcissism in our society that we ---- self-stalker.

Mark Steyn, who never seems to take a vacation from the business of skewering the world's political blowfish, has coined two nuggets of genius since Christmas Day:
-- "The Knickerbomber"
-- "Janet Incompetano"

I make my New Year's prediction: it's going to be a banner year for political satire, as the bloom tumbles off the Chicago Rose. And as we close in on the November elections, the satire will NOT be born of despair. Au contraire.

[I congratulate myself on my foresight, election-wise -- just a note to mention that the date on this post is approximate, since it seems to have gone for a brief jaunt into cyber-space, while Blogger told me it was a draft.  So I'm reposting, and guessing on the date.  Context says it's about right to me.]

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